The Village Forest School was founded by two families in 2019 with only the ideas and dreams in their minds, the passion in their hearts and the money in their own pockets.

The project was born with the concept of a small school, requiring only a small investment both in time and in money. However, much to our delight, we learned that our dream for our own children was a dream shared by many families all over the world.

We now have families from Australia, Germany, Holland, Sweden, USA, England, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Moldovia and Greece, and of course our local Italian community here in the Monferrato and beyond.

This growth, while a beautiful surprise, has also become a financial challenge for the school as it is still being privately financed by the founding families. There is a very fine balance in keeping the school healthy, and progressive, with talented staff and special campus setting, and also keeping a tuition price that can be afforded by people of all backgrounds, both culturally and economically.

For this reason we very enthusiastically accept donations at any time to help our little school grow and continue to nourish the children and families of our community.

5x1000 to Home School APS

In the next income tax return we will have the opportunity to indicate to the State to which organisations we will allocate our '5 per 1000'.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that the 5 per mille is not an alternative to the 8 per mille and is not an additional cost, moreover, by not indicating any preference this amount will remain with the State.

Home School APS is registered in the list of RUNTS entities by deed DD 1120/A1419A/2022 of 22/06/2022 as a social promotion association and can benefit from this option. Over the years, through a simple gesture, many parents, members and friends have chosen to donate valuable contributions to us.

This year, too, it would be nice if we could all commit ourselves to involving as many friends and relatives as possible in this choice, which, at no cost, will allow us to support a part of our pedagogical life.

To do so, simply put your tax code and signature in the space provided on the CUD, 730 and UNICO forms.

The Home School APS tax code is 91034980069. For information you can contact the school secretary's office tel.0142 946657

Ways to Donate

Bank transfer
IBAN IT45 G060 8548 2200 0000 1000 460

Paypal Mark transfer as Donation


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