Food Program

The role of food in the school is central, both to the philosophy of nurturing and nourishing the whole child, and to the principle of embedding a healthy respect for nature in the minds of the children.

They learn about the work that goes into producing the food that they eat, and are involved in that work, in the vegetable garden and in learning traditional techniques such as fermentation. The snacks and lunch they are given are prepared largely following the Nourishing Traditions philosophy developed by Dr Weston A. Price, which emphasises the use of organic, natural, non-inflammatory and unprocessed foods to provide a balanced diet which recognises the importance of a healthy digestive system to physical and neurological development.

When food is not grown or foraged by the children in our own organic valley , we always endeavour to consume locally sourced, organic food and grass fed/pasture raised meats and eggs from nearby farmers. Environmental awareness and sensitivity is always at the forefront of our minds and one day soon, we hope to raise our own animals, to be able to achieve an entirely nose to tail, zero waste, farm to table school kitchen.

We also operate a plastic free kitchen. All food is stored in glass and nearly everything is either recyclable or compostable. All of the kitchen waste feeds our own farm chickens.

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